Counselling & Guidance

Counselling & Guidance Department

Growing stress in urban population has its adverse impact on the lives of the people of almost all age groups. A boy as young as 6 years old can be a victim of this crisis.

Children now are living in a society, which is going through a transition phase with conflicts everywhere. The conventional methods of teaching and learning are under scrutiny, choices for subjects are manifold and parental expectations are reaching the sky.

Counselling is a process in which the counsellor talks to the students and helps them in coping with uncertainties and conflicts of everyday life. It is a confidential conversational method which heals the emotional wounds without medication.

Like every good school all over the world, S.G.V.P. International School also has guidance and counselling department. It helps all students in the areas of academic achievement, personal / social development and career planning. The department ensures that today’s students become the productive, well-adjusted global citizens of tomorrow. In this process the counsellor teaches them how to develop social skills and empathy; she gives students emotional assistance to control aggressive behaviour during adolescence.

S.GV.P. believes that every child is intelligent in his own way. Another very important job of the guidance and counselling department is to find out the particular level of intelligence in each child and utilize it to the fullest.

It does not mean that the counsellor has a magic wand and by using it she will make the problems vanished forever. But it does mean she will help the students cope with it. ‘Coping’ is the most important word in this context.   Sometimes, we may have problems very difficult to handle. ‘Coping’ means that someone is trying to handle these problems to make things better.

The counsellor helps a student find a solution of his problem. The counsellor also tries to help students learn to the best of their capacity in class.; she encourages them to be positive influences on the environment.

In S.G.V.P. usually, the counsellor meets students in following manners:

  • One to one confidential meeting
  • Group meetings with students who are dealing with the same problem
  • Classrooms, where the counsellor teaches a class on a subject that affects everyone, such as study methods or moral values

The counsellor meets the parents from time to time and keeps regular communication with the educators.

For 11th and 12th grade students, this department provides career information, organizes career workshops and conducts aptitude tests to help them choose the right career options.